Thank you 2013 and Now on to 2014

Man, if I had a dollar for each time I heard someone talk about resolutions/ goals/ changes for the upcoming year.  We associate the New Year with Champagne, resolutions, and Ryan Seacrest (formerly Dick Clark).

Why do people do this?  There is something about starting with a blank slate.  The New Year has a feeling of infinite possibilities and the mystery of what is to come.  We feel as if we are taking a leap in our lives onto the next chapter.  We shut out the difficult experiences of the previous year, hold on to the good, and hope to progress in the next year.

One thing that has symbolized this in my life is the start of the next year’s Action Day Planner.  Sounds very nerdy, but the possiblity of what is to come is illustrated by the blank calendar that will be filled with the dreams and desires of what I hope to do in the new year.

Looking back at 2013’s calendar I realized how I did not give myself enough credit.  I balanced so many things at once in May/June 2013.   Those times were difficult for me. I was overworked, worried, and uncertain of what was to come with my job change and move. Through this time I was able to learn about balance and “taking the next right step.”

During your New Year’s Reflections, don’t forget to look back at the difficult and challenging elements in your life.  Remember the lessons you learned, and be thankful for what they taught you.  Congratulations, you have earn yourself some new “life tools.”  Now, go use them in the next year.