DIY Proofreading- The Quick and Easy Way

Technology Tip

You want to put your best work out there. You want to have clear and concise communication. Yet, we find ourselves re-reading an email 3 times before mustering the courage to click send.

I began a writing endeavor back in March where I needed to make a good impression. I hired a proofreader. When she returned the documents she had enabled the track changes features so I could see the areas where I needed to improve. Minor things, after all we do have spelling and grammar tools in place in just about any text composition software. But sometimes we don’t need a spelling or grammar check; we need to grasp how our writing sounds. How does it flow? Does it sound awkward?

I ended up ditching the proofreader because of the money and turn around time. I needed to produce content quickly. So, I discovered that using the Speech-to-Text function on my computer allowed my words to “come to life.” Actually listening to someone read aloud my own words allowed me to point out what I wanted to re-phrase in order to better illustrate my message.

Thanks to the command keys on my Mac, I have “Vicki” read aloud my writings.


In order to do this on a Mac, highlight the text and used the command keys Option+ESC. You can adjust the settings in the System Preferences to change the type of voice and the pace of reading.

For Windows users, I have not tried this yet, but I found a great YouTube Video that reviews the steps to access the Speech to Text function.


Keep in mind this system is not 100% fool proof. You always need to be mindful of heterographs (words that sound the same but different pronunciation).