About Laura

My name is Laura and I am a recovering time-waster. I’ve come to see the light by creating my own systems and planners that have kept me on a path to scrutinize my schedule and make plans that keep me in check.

You see, the funny thing is that people often mistake me for someone who is organized and disciplined by nature. That is not the case. I’ve got a serious case of squirrel brain and

I’m forever distracted by my smartphone. But, I’ve seen myself change over time through learning my weaknesses and developing the systems that I need to keep me in place, and seeing my week mapped out has given me the courage to take it on, despite my flaws and knowing that I am not going to get everything done. 

I began my career with an international marketing research firm where I was responsible for creating training programs using limited budgets and simple technology. These early experiences in creating plans and not being afraid to make changes taught me so much about the importance of having ‘living’ documents.

I started creating my own planners in 2014 when I went through one of my most formidable time management experiences. I had just relocated to a new city and found myself unemployed. The job search and application process took 5 months. It was during this time that I learned how having a planner and structure could help to accomplish small important steps each day that lead to my ultimate goal: securing meaningful employment.

Since that first version, there have been many trips to Staples printing out a new planner each quarter. I’ve changed jobs, moved twice, moved overseas, shifted goals and priorities. One of my few constants in my life remains the planner. I come back to it to remind me of what is most important to me right now and what goals I hold deep in my heart to accomplish, however big or small. It’s also got all that other life ‘stuff’ in there like reminding me about that birthday card I need to send or the deadline for a race registration.

Fast forward to today where I am now sharing this information here on this website. My hope in sharing this content to you is that you are inspired to take charge of your own daily/weekly/quarterly/yearly planning. I’ve learned that there is never really a time where the harmony of balancing out your life magically comes together in an effortless manner. But rather, success has come in learning what works and what doesn’t in planning my week, and adjusting as needed. I am here to share what I’ve learned and I also offer a few options if you are looking for guidance on what can be possible when it comes to mastering your schedule and learning the process of making schedules that bring you closer to accomplishing some of your biggest desires, dreams, and goals.