Life: 1 Quarter @ a Time Program

July 2017 marked the launch of the Life: 1 Quarter @ a Time Program.  I had the pleasure to work with a group of people that re-evaluated how they spent their time and redirected their schedules to create more time to do the things they love.

I’ve designed this program to guide you through several steps that work you towards reaching better harmony with your schedule.  Below are the details on how exactly that is done within the program.


The Audit/ Reflection Guide: Assessing Where You Are Today

The first part of the process is to understand your current schedule by closely examining your activities in one week. The audit will take you through the process of reflecting on each day about how you spend your time. You will be asked to write down your observations and you will be provided with a few tools to help you along the way. By the end of the week, you will understand exactly where your time is going and this information will be powerful to help you make changes to the way you manage your time.

By the end of the audit, you’ll take some time to reflect on how much time you think you are spending in certain areas vs. how much time you actually spent.

The next part is to work on what is missing from your schedule and figuring out what you might be able to eliminate from your schedule to make room for some of the things that are most important to you in life.

Establishing Priority Pages: The Most Important Areas of Focus

The Priority Pages are dedicated space for you to develop the important pillars to implement while planning each week. In this activity, you will be guided through the process of goal setting, designing your ideal week, and establishing long term to-do lists. The content you create from your Priority Pages will be incorporated into your planning for each week

Planner Creation: Custom Pages and Weekly Reflections Created for You

After each of these areas are assessed, a custom planner is then created for you. What makes these planners different from what is out there on the market is the fact that it is designed for your unique needs, including:

  • Time slots early in the day/ late at night for writing in scheduled activities.
  • Review assessment questions created by you to provide accountability on your priorities. in the past week and establishing your priorities for the next week.
  • Habit Tracking for items you want to incorporate into your week or day.
  • A place to add order and importance for the items you need to get done that week.
  • Pages for brainstorm or writing out notes on your priorities.
  • A guide for how you will review your plan each week and set the tone for the next fabulous week ahead.
  • And anything else. You might have something that you personally want to track. Maybe it’s miles ran, hours slept, or a meal planner. We’ll work to figure out how we can add this into your weekly plan.

I work through a process of in-take surveys and 1:1 calls to understand your individual needs. Together, we formulate the plan that will be put in place for your priorities and how your planner will come together. By the end of the program, you will have a planner for the rest of 2017 to use and the skill set to apply a time management strategy in taking charge of each week.

What results could I expect to see? 

Each client comes to me with a different challenge they are looking to overcome with their time management needs.  For some it is clearing their schedule of the unnecessary time traps that stop them from doing the important things.  For others, it is helping them determine what are their priorities and how to dedicate time to what matters most.  Many people also just want one place for it all- the to-do lists, a calendar, and a parking lot for reminders.

Here is what some of my past clients are saying:

“I am in awe of Laura’s attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism as we worked together in building a time tracking system via the 6-weeks mini planner for my jam packed schedule. Having a young family, business ventures and full time career –my week could easily turn into a chaotic mess. With Laura’s personalized approach, she helped me identify tasks that move the needle, to focus on what matters, and implement measurable actions to honor my values. At the end of my week, I feel more accomplished as a wife, mother, career woman and entrepreneur. Thank you for your genius, Laura!”  – R.O.

“I didn’t even know how much time I was not effectively utilizing until Life One Quarter @ a Time! Laura has helped me identify my priorities, and then create a flexible but effective schedule focusing on those priorities. Laura really listened to my jumbled ideas about what was most important to me, and she somehow managed to boil them down into clear, concise goals. The planner itself has become my new best friend – I carry it with me wherever I go to remind myself that I am working towards a healthier, happier me.” – E.F.

“Laura’s planner is unlike any I’ve used before (e.g. store bought planners, bullet journals, etc.). What’s most useful for me is the focus on goal setting and prioritization. As a PhD student juggling a mixture of self-directed and team projects, it’s helpful to plan my weeks and set my agendas according to priorities and project/personal goals.” – J.D.

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Currently enrollment is open from October 1-10 for the next 13 week program.   Limited spots are available.  Fill out the form below to learn even more!